Input Management in der Cloud

Data is continuously generated and exchanged in form of documents. Companies must process this volume of data as quickly and automatically as possible. Most documents have to be captured and checked manually by different people in order to be further processed in systems and processes. It takes time, money and nerves.

frau verarbeitet rechnungen
Woman processes the document inbox manually

Der Markt an speziellen Lösungen wächst stetig

The ideas and concepts for document processing (classification and data extraction) can be divided fundamentally into two categories: Specialization or generic approaches. In specialization, providers focus on specific document types, while generalists provide frameworks that allow customers to process any type of document.

Dokumentenverarbeitung – So funktioniert es im Detail

With Buildsimple, you can build the templates with the properties you need for your business. The common and classic document types like invoices or contracts, which we already bring along, can be extended with customer-specific properties and thus be adapted to your company's own documents. It is not necessary to start a project (consulting) with us for this, but is done according to the self service principle.

This gives the possibility to create and process individual document types. These can be delivery notes or offers, for example. Or whatever is needed. To do this, the desired document must be selected and then it can be determined what is to be read from one or more documents.

dokumenten stapel 1
Documents stack up because manual processing requires more time

Technical (business) data can be read from documents and processed further. Machine learning mechanisms are used to automatically identify the correct type of document. The more documents are processed, the better the quality and artificial intelligence. All documents or models can be automatically trained further. If necessary, the document can then be validated and corrected manually if necessary. Input management thus becomes simple and efficient.

Die Cloud macht eine einfache Integration möglich

Buildsimple is Cloud based, can be integrated anywhere and into any system. A setup by special consulting is therefore no longer necessary, just like the installation of a software. The API interface allows a quick and easy connection to existing systems.

blog header inputmanagement
Admin interface of Buildsimple (2019)

Features im Überblick

  • Available worldwide thanks to AWS Cloud
  • No own infrastructure & server necessary
  • No installation of special client software necessary, easy to use via web browser
  • Define, train and use any document type


Many companies offer fast and automatic input management as a service. But it becomes difficult if the document input does not only consist of invoices and contracts or if requirements for the information to be read change, e.g. new information is added. Buildsimple offers here a solution that can be easily connected to existing systems for the customer and is completely variable.

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