Intelligent Document Processing
for Insurance

Efficient processing of claims

Processing damage reports is a time-consuming and costly process. With the Buildsimple platform, you are able to process the data on the relevant documents more easily and accurately. This allows you to process claims faster and increase customer satisfaction.

Classification of your incoming mail

We use machine learning technologies to classify documents automatically. By using algorithms, Buildsimple is able to automatically detect and categorize the document type of your incoming mail. 

Identity verification

Strikethrough recognition

Complaint recognition

Application processing


Division recognition


Guide 2024:
AI automation for insurance companies


Automatic readout of workshop invoices

Automotive claims management at Riparo GmbH: With Buildsimple, all workshop invoice formats are read out and made available in a structured way via JSON file.

Use synergies

In the insurance industry, there has been a desire for standardization and the use of synergies for years. 
This is exactly where we come in: On the Buildsimple platform, you can easily share your self-trained AI solutions with other companies or train them together - all completely DSGVO-compliant. This benefits both companies and saves valuable resources.    

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