Customer Success

We love satisfied customers, that's why you will receive individual support from our experts. We also offer various services so that you can find your way around the Buildsimple platform smoothly and use its full potential. 


Personal onboarding

You will receive a personal onboarding with us, during which we will guide you once through the complete platform and show you the various functions. From the independent training of an AI solution to the validation of your extracted data. 

Professional Services

As part of your use of the Buildsimple platform as well as in the preceding implementation or go-live phase, you can book various professional services with us. From defining and evaluating of the document types up to support with technical questions on the use of the Buildsimple API.

AI solutions training

Let us train your AI solutions. For the "Labeling" of your documents we offer support by our trained team team. For this purpose Buildsimple provides a specially secured training environment, which highest data and information security standards.


You can book additional support services with us. A Buildsimple support representative is available for you via phone, email or web - with guaranteed SLAs on response and recovery times.

Why Buildsimple?

Convince yourself of our quality and the many advantages of Intelligent Document Processing.


Save valuable time and resources by automating your manual efforts with Buildsimple.

Simple integration

Immediately ready for integration thanks to standardized API's. No complex and expensive AI projects necessary.


Global learning effects thanks to a platform community. Simply exchange AI solutions or train together.


Our platform is designed for the business. You don't need IT or AI skills to use it.

Cost overview

Attractive total cost of ownership thanks to SaaS. Transparent cost overview thanks to pay-per-use model.

Partner Network

Access to a powerful partner network. More info on our partner page.

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