Intelligent Document Processing
for Finance & Banking

Automation of the credit application process

Speed up the processing time of your loan applications with AI. By automatically separating, classifying, and reading documents such as IDs, pay stubs, and tax receipts, you can approve loan applications more efficiently and quickly. It also improves the accuracy and reliability of your data.

Faster account opening

Buildsimple can help you automate the account opening process by extracting and validating data from various documents such as IDs and contracts. This allows you to speed up the account opening process and improve customer satisfaction.


KYC Verification

Identity verification

Change of address

Bank data change

Energy certificates


Exploiting synergies: one solution for all savings banks

AI solutions trained centrally by GuideCom and Buildsimple to automate the loan application process: separating, classifying, reading documents.

BaFin-regulated companies

Buildsimple is widely used in BaFin-regulated companies.

Intelligent document processing for banks: 5 Use Cases

From credit risk modeling and fraud prevention to communication with customers via chatbots - artificial intelligence is already widely used in banks today and there are many different use cases. A key technology in this context is intelligent document processing (IDP) - especially in the highly competitive banking sector.

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