Input Management Redefined 

Use Cases

Document Entry

Digitalize your documents from all input channels in a standardized and automated way and reduce the manual effort required for incoming documents. No matter if splitting, classifying, reading meta data. Buildsimple offers the right services for all necessary steps.


Invoice Processing

Our partners d.velop and FSS offer with Buildsimple on Sage Live and Oracle NetSuite products for invoice processing.


Solution Integration

Customers can define and train their own documents. Buildsimple takes over the execution and administration of the machine learning infrastructure and provides user interfaces and functions that our customers can integrate into their own processes and solutions via our powerful API.



With its platform Buildsimple offers Input Management Services, which enable regulated customers to outsource complex operations for splitting, business classification and extraction of metadata from business documents.


Fully Managed

Ready to go

Cloud services deliver Buildsimple in minutes. As a result, an own infrastructure is not required any more. Thanks to SaaS technology, any product can be used immediately. Also the payment is no longer a concern for you. With the “Pay-per-use” price model we offer you a comfortable use. Subscribe and unsubscribe at any time and without contract period.

no contract binding

pay-per-use pricing model

ready to use within minutes

define, train and use any document type

API Integration

Buildsimple can be easily integrated into your processes and software using an API. Thanks to modern machine learning algorithms, Buildsimple is self-learning. This allows you to implement artificial intelligence for your entire incoming mail flow.

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Protection & Privacy

Data security

We are trusted by regulated companies. You can find details about our Compliance Program on our Compliance Center.

Easy. Flexible.

Always keep your costs on track

The price model is impressive because there is no binding contract. You only pay when you use a service, and if you don’t, you don’t pay. Easy.


If you have any questions about our products or compliance please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Are there public models that have already been trained?

Neural networks must be trained to deliver good results. Buildsimple supports the training of arbitrary models for arbitrary document types. Some document types already have public models trained by Buildsimple that can be used as an introduction.

Public models trained by Buildsimple exist for the following document types:

  • Bill (English & German)

  • Contract (English & German)

How do we deal with GDPR?

All our services are developed and operated in accordance with DSGVO.

Each customer signs a standardized or specific data processing contract with Buildsimple. This contract contains the list of processed personal data and the information of the processing supply chain.

After a customer has unsubscribed from the Buildsimple services, all information will be automatically and completely deleted.

Is AWS secure?

The AWS infrastructure has strong security measures in place to protect customers’ data. All data is stored in strictly secured AWS data centers.

AWS manages dozens of compliance programs in the infrastructure. This means that your compliance requirements are already partially met.

Security is scaled according to your AWS cloud usage. No matter how large or small your business, the AWS infrastructure protects your data.

Read more about AWS Security:

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