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Digital, emotional, no matter: "Escalated - the makers podcast from Münster" is now published 2-weekly on, Apple, Spotify, Deezer and Soundcloud. The association mü is thus expanding its media offering.

Der Podcast aus dem Münsterland

In future, the Digital Hub münsterLAND will present a new episode in a relay format every 14 days. This time Daniel Schlemermeyer and Simon Janssen met René Weseler, CTO at Buildsimple.

Daniel and Simon talk to entrepreneurs, politicians, doers and other exciting personalities from the Münsterland region. The focus is on people and their very personal history. According to the motto: digital, emotional, no matter, the duo forms a pleasant mixture of professional conversation and friendship culture. Personal successes and defeats, visions and private topics, preferences and creative ideas are the focus of attention. In addition, a wide range of digital topics are discussed, spanning all fields and industries.

"It is important to us to place the people with their emotions in the focus of our format. The conversation should feel like a conversation between friends."

Simon Janssen and Daniel Schlemermeyer
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v.l. Daniel Schlemermeyer, Richard Parker, René Weseler und Simon Janssen

Topic: Human and digital

In the second season Simon and Daniel "escalated" with the founders of the roestbar Sandra Götting and Mario Joka among others and talk about their love for coffee. With René Weseler from Buildsimple they discuss digital business models - keyword Software as a Service "SaaS" in the field of document management. It will be sporty with Paula Menninghaus from Strong Partners, true to the motto 'come in and work out'. Finally, Simon Janssen and Daniel Schlemermeyer will philosophize with Kai Heddergott about the rapidly developing media world, Star Wars and why paper will not die out in the next few years.


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