What is 2-factor authentication & how can it be used at Buildsimple?

In times of ever-increasing cyber risks, many companies are investing in their own IT security measures. This prevention work can take many forms, with 2-factor authentication being the most popular. With 2FA or multi-factor authentication, it is possible to confirm whether it is the person who actually has the access data to log in. This is then checked and verified using two different devices.


Read our article to find out what advantages 2-factor authentication really offers you and how it works.

What is 2FA and why is it so helpful?

Nowadays, a lot of things take place online. With all the services and portals, we have to log in with a username and password to access our accounts. In a normal login process, users try to gain access to a protected area using this stored data. When you attempt to log in, a request is sent to the server for verification. If the data is correct, you have full access to the data.


However, passwords, email addresses and usernames can reach the wrong people through data leaks. In Germany, it is also apparent that many users are stuck in the password dilemma: weak and easy to remember or strong and quickly forgotten. Now it is only a matter of time before someone gains free access with this data. 


Two-factor authentication (2FA) comes into play to increase security. Once the correct login details have been entered, usually consisting of username and password, you will be prompted to perform a further action. Either a mobile app should be started on a stored end device, a code taken from a stored e-mail or a PIN entered from an automatic telephone call. These steps have the same purpose: to check whether the person behind the login attempt is really the authorized person.


With 2FA, it is not enough to combine a single username and password. It must be personally verified in real time that you are the owner of the account and are authorized to access it.

What happens if a 2FA login attempt fails?

Deterred by the additional security of your data or programs, unauthorized persons leave the site and stop trying to access your data. This means that 2-factor authentication has already made a major contribution to your security. If a login attempt has finally failed, most providers will send you an e-mail warning you to reconsider all passwords and security questions. This is similar at Buildsimple, where we also offer you a comprehensive service for setting up, managing and maintaining 2FA security.


If a login attempt has failed, we recommend changing your passwords in any case. You should also avoid using the same or similar passwords on other platforms and services. It therefore makes sense to only use a password once and not to recycle old passwords. This is the only way to ensure that your data remains safe from attacks by third parties. 2FA security helps you with this.

"My Buildsimple" - what you can expect behind our AI services

When it comes to 2FA security standards, a large number of companies are already optimally positioned. However, our standards at Buildsimple are higher, which is why we are taking the security of your data to a new level. With "My Buildsimple", we have jointly developed a user interface that enables you to make the best possible use of it. Starting with a clear design, you can also set up, manage and maintain all access and rights. All projects with Buildsimple are thus considered in one place and managed centrally.


Our environment for the administration of your Buildsimple accounts offers you all the functions you need for efficient management. Accounts and individual users of your organization can be set up clearly, which saves your team work. In addition to the user administration of "My Buildsimple", your company data can also be stored here with little effort. These can be called up or adjusted at any time.

Set up AI solutions with Buildsimple

Our AI solutions help you to capture and analyze documents. These have been specially developed for capturing, classifying and reading documents and make it easier for you to capture each document manually. In addition to our existing AI solutions, we also offer you our own AI support, taking into account the security of 2FA. These newly developed models can be individually tailored to your company and thus perfectly adapted to your way of working. In this way, Buildsimple supports companies of all sizes in optimizing their processes using AI. Please feel free to contact us about the possibilities of our specially developed AI solution.

2FA in controlling, thanks to Buildsimple

Controlling uses cost and consumption monitoring to ensure that management has a clear picture of the company's processes and expenditure. Data is also collected here to monitor quality and processing times. It goes without saying that this data must also meet the company's own security requirements for access and administration, which requires two-factor authentication. If new controllers or employees are to be trained in this specialist area, separate users can be created for them via "My Buildsimple".


With the Buildsimple ecosystem for AI solutions, security gaps in login and password entry can be avoided. With our intuitive user interface, 2FA-related issues can be managed and maintained in a matter of moments, resulting in an efficient way of working. Build on a high standard of security and sophisticated 2-factor authentication with AI from Buildsimple. As a team, we will securely advance your company's processes.

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