How-to: Using AI effectively in the
company in 2024

The webinar at a glance:

Everyone has been talking about AI since last year at the latest. However, there is a lot of talk about AI and so far little has been put into practice in companies. Only 12% of German companies actively use AI applications in their day-to-day work. We give you a guide on how you can get started with AI in 2024 and how to implement it in practice in your company.

Martin Jarosch

Senior Account Executive

Your speaker

Martin Jarosch is an experienced sales expert in the field of Intelligent Document Processing. With 14 years of practical experience in the financial services sector (including at Allianz), he knows the industry first-hand. The topic of AI-based document processing is his professional passion. He has been a Senior Account Executive at Buildsimple since 2021. 

About Buildsimple

Buildsimple is an AI-based software for intelligent document processing and has been developed in Münster since 2017. Our goal is to make the benefits of artificial intelligence easily and quickly available to all customers and to redefine the topic of input management through our technology. Our highly specialized team is used to working with large companies while living a startup philosophy ourselves.

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