Input Management in the cloud

30. April 2019

Fabian Stock

Marketing & Communications

Input Management in the Cloud - What's the benefit?

Data is continuously generated and exchanged in form of documents. Companies must process this volume of data as quickly and automatically as possible. Most documents have to be captured and checked manually by different people in order to be further processed in systems and processes. It takes time, money and nerves.


New solutions on the market are growing rapidly

The ideas and concepts for document processing (classification and data extraction) can be fundamentally separated into two categories: Specialization or generic approaches. In specialization, vendors focus on specific document types, while generalists provide frameworks that allow customers processing any type of document.


What will be processed and how does it work?

Buildsimple gives you the ability to build templates with the features you need for your business. Usual and classic document types such as invoices or contracts, which we provide, can be enhanced with customer-specific features and customized to your company's own requirements. It is not necessary to start a project (consulting) instead it takes place on the basis of the self service principle. Thus the possibility is given to create and process individual document types. For example, delivery notes or quotations. Or whatever it takes. The user selects the desired document and then specifies what is to be read from one or more documents.

Business data can be extracted from documents and processed as well. Thanks to machine learning mechanisms, the correct type of document is automatically identified. The more documents processed, the better the quality and artificial intelligence. All documents and models can be further trained automatically. If necessary, the document can be validated and corrected manually. Input management becomes simple and efficient. German and English documents are currently supported.


How can I use Buildsimple?

Buildsimple is cloud based, can be integrated anywhere and in any system. This means there is no need to set up special consulting services or install software. The API interface makes it possible to connect existing systems fast and easy. More about Buildsimple can be found on our features page.

Buildsimple Admin Interface



Many companies offer fast and automatic input management as a service. But it becomes difficult when the document receipt does not only consist of invoices and contracts or when requirements for the information to be read change, e.g. new information is added. Buildsimple offers a solution that can be easily connected to existing systems and can be used in a variety of ways.


Features Overview:

R  Available worldwide thanks to AWS Cloud

R  No own infrastructure or servers necessary

No installation of special client software necessary, easy to use via web browser

R  No contract binding thanks to "Pay-per-use" pricing model

R  Ready for use within minutes

R  Define, train and use any type of document

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