AWS GameDay as a hands-on practice

Friday, May 4, 2018

René Weseler


Yes, we do GameDays

The AWS GameDay is a learning exercise designed to better familiarize players with the AWS environment and challenge them to come up with ways to solve problems based on the AWS resources they have available to them. The path that GameDay participants take is open ended and therefore offers an opportunity to learn about AWS best practices, new AWS services, and AWS architecture patterns in a risk free environment.

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The Game

For one day, four teams were able to get to know the AWS infrastructure better with a business game: as part of the fictitious company, the participants proved their AWS skills. Various incidents were simulated, to which the teams had to react with their existing resources.


The results

Organized by AWS and ISR in Münster, the day was a great success. In addition to five AWS Solutions Architects, who act as coaches in the simulation, four teams with three players each were present: the three companies d.velop, RiseTEC and ISR as well as three students from the University of Münster. After a short presentation and introduction in the morning, the teams started the simulation game and solved various problems over the next five hours. Participants will have the opportunity to become even more familiar with the AWS environment, services and best practices in a risk-free environment.

Of course it should remain exciting: the teams competed against each other and the main prize was unicorn cuddly toys. After a few interesting and exciting hours, in which all teams showed what they could do, the three students of the University of Münster prevailed and were happy about the unicorn cuddly toys.

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