Levigo is new technology partner of Buildsimple

We are proud to welcome levigo as new technology partner. The jadice web toolkit of levigo performs the document viewing and handling for the processing in the inbox.

With Buildsimple document analysis and processing in the cloud is easy to implement. Companies can integrate any input management processes via the API interface. Documents can be extracted and classified fully automatically. With the help of the specially developed artificial intelligence, it is determined whether it is an invoice or a contract document, for example.

The document verification then offers the possibility to make final corrections to the document to be checked.

verifier blog
Document Verifier | Provides a dark mode

Documents are displayed in the Document Verifier

To display documents on the screen we use the jadice web toolkit - a web-based solution of levigo which supports different document formats. As ISR already had experiences with the jadice product family as levigo partner it was obvious to look for the right solution for Buildsimple in the jadice environment.

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