AWS Summit 2019 in Berlin: Technology in change

For two days about 5500 visitors informed themselves about the services of the Amazon Cloud. This year's Summit was completely sold out. The topic par excellence: Machine Learning.

AWS offers software solutions at the push of a button. The advantage for many companies is that cloud solutions can be put together and used with just a few clicks. Werner Vogels presented various AWS services in top form on two days, each lasting almost two hours. Also customers from Germany were part of the presentation and showed their products.

Entrance area with DJ and stage with Werner Vogels

Teams are everything

This year's summit was very well attended. Everybody wants to do their part for a new future, to change things; to be a gamechanger. The enormous team player idea is striking. Working together is definitely an essential part to recognize problems and develop solutions. The team composition should not consist of too many people, says Vogels. In smaller teams, people can work flexibly and agilely.

Full hall at the Summit in Berlin

Auch wir waren vor Ort und konnten unsere Produkte präsentieren

René Weseler presented the Buildsimple product line in the Early Morning Breakout Sessions. We use Machine Learning to better understand documents. Thus it is possible to provide efficient and automatic document analysis and processing for companies. Weseler explained how a SaaS application can be built and then offered in the AWS Marketplace. The slides are available at Speakerdeck.

René Weseler gab einen Einblick in die Welt von Buildsimple

Machine Learning is a major issue for AWS. Amazon CTO Werner Vogels explains that in 73 percent of the cases the so-called tensorflow is used - an open source software developed by Google. AWS uses this software, but makes it easy and usable for customers thanks to the link with AWS Sagemaker. Vogels further explains that Tensorflow runs 25 percent faster than the actual software thanks to AWS.

Sicherheit ist ein großes Thema

According to Vogel, security must (continue to) remain the number one issue when using AWS services:

„I believe everybody should become security engineers, security will always be priority number one.“

Werner Vogels

The security of all AWS services is one of the most important aspects of all. It has to pass into everyone's DNA. Only secure services and products are good services.

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